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Longneck Bottle, Loud Jukebox - 8-Track

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Brock Hires all-new traditional country album,"Longneck Bottle, Loud Jukebox" on Stereo 8-Track.


Program listing:

 1. You Make Me Feel Good |  Longneck Bottle, Loud Jukebox | Goin' Down

2. I'll Take Your Heart |  High on a Barstool (Gettin' Low Over You) |  Is Heaven In The Yellow Pages (Pt. 1)

3.  Is Heaven In The Yellow Pages (Conc.) | Honky Tonk Juliet |  She Don't Love Me (Like She Used To)

4.  I Wish |  Goin' Down | I Need A Friend (Bonus Track)

 Release Date: Nov. 3, 2020

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